4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Demolition Contractor

Demolition contractor tearing down building with excavator

Demolition projects are linked to significant risks, including falling objects and materials, unanticipated structural collapse, electrocution, flooding, exposure to toxic gases, asbestos contamination, and explosions. Working with an experienced demolition contractor is critical to reducing some of these risks and ensuring project success. However, it’s important that you work with the right demolition contractor.

Keep reading to learn more about the specific factors you must consider when searching for a contractor for your demolition project.

Experience & Capabilities

Demolition is a complex field with many methods, including but not limited to implosion, wrecking ball, high-reach arm, crane-and-ball, pusher arm, thermal lancing, selective, and commercial building demolition. Because of this, demolition contractors will have different specialties.

When researching contractors, ensure the ones you look at have a proven track record in the particular method needed for your project.

For example, you need a specialized contractor if your project requires selective demolition. Selective demolition projects involve preserving certain parts of a structure while dismantling other parts. Compared to traditional commercial building demolition projects, selective demo jobs require exceptional precision and control, a contractor that thoroughly understands the building’s architecture and structural engineering, careful separation of demolition debris for material recovery and recycling, and a comprehensive risk management plan to ensure worker safety and minimal environmental impact.

Finally, look at the contractor’s specific capabilities. Do they only handle the demolition, or can they manage other phases of the project? Turnkey contractors can help you save time and money while mitigating risks and preventing stoppages. A turnkey demolition contractor will offer environmental assessments, structural engineering services, site preparation, demolition, debris and waste removal and environmental remediation, safety management, traffic and public safety management, and utility disconnection and management.

1. Reputation

Always look for a demolition company with a verifiably positive reputation and confirmable references and reviews. It’s simple and fast to do a Google search for the company or research their reputation further on Angi, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), or other online directories.

The contractor you want to work with should have demonstrable proof of their work quality and provide references when needed. Remember, contractors of any kind love to show off their list of happy clients if they have them.

Finally, some demolition contractors offer free consultations. Take advantage of these consultations. When you sit down and speak with potential contractors, you get some insight into how well you will get along with them. A demolition project is a significant undertaking with multiple phases of completion. You want somebody with proven expertise and exceptional communication skills.

2. Safety Guidelines

excavator working at the demolition of an old residential building

Few industries demand as much attention to worksite safety as the demolition industry. Regardless of the type of demolition method used, all contractors should be familiar with local, state, and federal environmental protection and safety guidelines. Contractors should also be familiar with your municipality’s permits and notification processes, building codes, and zone laws. Most demolition projects require comprehensive planning, permits, environmental assessments, effective debris and waste management, and public safety and traffic management.

Additionally, company safety practices are critical because it only takes a split second for somebody, or multiple people, to be severely or fatally injured. When evaluating each contractor, be sure to ask them about their safety practices and emergency response plans. You can also visit OSHA’s website to check for any violations the contractor might have. If they have OSHA violations, they are not as committed to safety as they say they are.

3. Their Workers

Partnering with a demolition contractor that hires skilled union workers is also important. Union workers are thoroughly trained and understand how to perform all demolition-related tasks with constant safety and quality in mind. Union workers also spend hundreds of hours every year learning to perform excellently and in accordance with all state and federal regulations.

4. Communication

Building demolition contracted by Archview Services

Efficient communication is integral to the success of any team, and that’s especially true with demolition teams. The contractor you work with should have an effective system of communication that ensures precise, clear orders and understanding between all team members. Demolition projects are dangerous, and there is no room for miscommunication.

When talking to potential demolition contractors, ask them to explain their communication protocols or how they handle unexpected events. And when talking to references, ask them about their experience working with the contractor and how that contractor communicated with their team. Lastly, when reading online reviews, look out for key communication indicators—if it seems like the demolition team does not work collaboratively, look elsewhere.

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